About Us

A medical treatment group with long experience seeks to help you in Turkey in the medical field
Where we focus our efforts on securing the best offers and facilitating access to doctors and private hospitals specializing in the fields of infertility, plastic surgery, dentistry and cosmetology, laser eye surgery, orthopedics, hair transplantation, obesity surgery, heart surgery, cancer treatment, organ transplantation and many diseases. Other

Our Goals

  • Providing high quality medical services
  • At competitive prices
  • It may save 40-80% of the total cost elsewhere

How Do We Work

Khotwa Group was created based on the belief that affordable health services are available to everyone everywhere. We facilitate the search for treatment by providing free medical offers and serious advice on finding the right doctor.
Our team is with you from scratch until the complete treatment is completed
You can contact us by filling out the attached form and answering the questions asked, and our team will respond within a maximum of 24 hours after doctors are consulted and draw a clear and detailed treatment plan completely free of charge.

Some diseases available to be treated

Why Turkey?

Medical tourism in the world has developed rapidly over the past ten years. The number of people who travel only for medical tourism has exceeded 10 million, and the sales volume has reached 100 billion US dollars annually. Medical tourism has played an important role in the rise of the state’s economy.

Turkey is ranked fifth in terms of receiving international patients, after the countries of America, Germany, Thailand and India

We cannot marginalize Turkey’s role and ability in controlling the global epidemic that has recently swept countries
As it took strict measures that limited its spread and contributed to reducing the number of injuries and deaths to the maximum.

As for the tourist level
It is distinguished by its diversity, and in the past few years it has become a global destination for tourism, thanks to the assets it possesses to achieve this.

You will rarely find another country competing with Turkey’s tourist cities, with its cultural and cultural diversity that provides you with natural places, historical monuments, coastal resorts and ski centers.

All this has made Turkey a world tourist destination that is ranked sixth as one of the most important tourism countries in the world.

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